I am dipping my non-manicured, hand painted toes into the bottomless blogosphere, and the fact that my phone auto-spelled it is hilarious considering it still fails to recognize my most commonly used words.  I am writing this first post on my flight back from Florida. In airplane mode, and only during allowed times, just in case you were wondering, so NO I am not selfishly disregarding the safety of others.

I write for entertainment purposes only or should I say mainly.  You won’t find me digging deep into the depths of my soul to discover I have mommy and daddy issues.  That fact lies right on the surface.


1. I am a closet dance show/movie addict

It’s a problem, I am a sucker for good dance moves.

2. I have a horrible memory.

I am not the mom who can remember each of their child’s birth weight and height.

3. Not an overachiever

I can’t come home after work and soccer practice and make gourmet meals. So you will not find any perfectly plated home cooked creations here.  I do cook, I just rather a camera not be present.

4. I live or die by my calendars, post-its and the multiple lists I create that remind me to do EVERYTHING!!

5. I have a crafty side but can’t use it….NO TIME!!

I was a scrapbooker in my 20’s.

6. Horrible Housekeeper

It is required that any potential house guest notify in advance.

7. Really good mom and wife

I love them all despite their imperfections.

8. I prefer flats

I wear heels when I need to but can’t wear them all day, who would want to anyway?

9. I like fashion and wearing clothes that make me feel pretty.

I don’t really follow trends. I wear what makes me feel good. So yes, I am the person wearing white after Labor Day. And again you will not see pics of me putting together the perfect outfit.

10. I am extremely cheap.

I am the coupon-clipping, extra percent off, clear the clearance racks, thrift store shopper.