At some point we are called on to volunteer in our child’s classroom. Maybe to bring a snack, read a book or help with a class party. Yeah, it’s good to see our kids at school, but here are the reasons we really volunteer.

1. We love the eerie stares of our child’s peers.

Well, maybe not love, but we use the stares to see how much we’ve let ourselves go. Kids by default, are honest, so notice the clues. If they give you quick glances and pay you little attention, high five yourself for a job well done. If you get stares, longer than a few seconds, well

2. Gives us an excuse to eat junk food.

Personally, I like to volunteer during a class party. Overly iced cupcakes, cookies and brownies oh my!

3. We’ll take any opportunity to put real clothes on.

Sometimes, this is our only chance to put on something other than sweatpants. I may come a little overdressed, but it helps me get less of the longer stares.

4. We love reading books.

We are so busy in our day, reading a good book becomes a challenge. By the time we open a book at the end of the day, we fall asleep before getting to the second page. So we jump at the opportunity to read a book to our child’s class. We take the time picking the perfect books, and enjoy reading them in quiet (ignoring the crowd the children).

5. We need the exercise.

We work our glutes, and hammies getting in and out of those little chairs.

6. To maintain supermom status (to our kids and of course the other moms)

I’ve come to realize that some moms are in a contest to see who’s the best at mommyhood. It’s sad, but true. They bring the perfect snacks, (which I am happy to devour), the perfect craft projects, (which my child is happy to toss when he gets home), all while showing their perfect smile (with perfect teeth).  BARF

7. We need the social interaction, even if it is from a 6yr old.

If you’ve ever been around a child you know they like to ask a billion questions. But you don’t mind, it’s the most interesting conversation you’ve had all week. It’s a riveting back and forth conversation with action, suspense and a little mystery. Plus all the questions keeps our mommy brains on its toes, zapping our brain cells back to life.

8. We get to see how our child looks well-behaved.

This one is very true. Our kids show their true colors in the comfort of their own homes. They tend to tone it down (most of the time) in the presence of their teachers. We’ve all got the, “Your child is so well-behaved”, and we’re left shaking our head in disbelief.

9. Reminds us that our child could be worse.

I’ve found that after visiting my children’s classroom, I almost always leave thinking to myself it could be worse. 

10.  Did I mention the junk food?


Til Next Time,