There’s been much talk lately about Taye Diggs. Recently he followed thousands of people on Twitter and some fellow mommy bloggers were among them. Which as you can imagine yielded some great blog posts in response. I would like to be a part of the conversation too. But from a different angle…

As one of the people he did not follow.

Because despite teaching my kids to not follow the crowd, in this particular case, it would’ve been nice to be in the crowd.

Here are few things he would have found interesting to know about me. 

1. As a famous actor, I know he would’ve enjoyed the chaotic ramblings of a mom of three. There is so much depth to my character. There’s moments of joy and pain, triumph and defeat, and moments of complete insanity. It couldn’t have been written better. My life is straight out of a movie…

And the Oscar goes to….

Cheron, for best dramatic performance in the comedy/drama called Life, in which she wrote, directed and starred.

2.  He would’ve realized I have something in common with his book “Chocolate Me”. Maybe. Possibly. But nope, he’ll never know my feedback.

3. In my life I tackle tough decisions and am not afraid to have hard conversations. Like deciding daily dinner options and ignoring “whoever smelt it dealt it” to find the real culprit.

4.  I like talking sports too! I can talk all day about basketball, football and soccer (as long as the players are between the ages of 6 and 11).

5.  I have the ability to get his tweets to all of my 315 followers.Well…now 314 followers. We’re talking MAJOR exposure!

But I guess he’ll never know will he!?!

His loss…