If you guessed that “they” was a somewhat hostile reference to my kids, then you’re obviously a parent.  Read on…

Here I was dancing in the bathroom mirror to a song in my head, you know, getting my groove on.  And here comes my 9yo, she hops in a tries to booty bump me. HELLO, this a solo…THEY TAKE EVERYTHING!

At the end of a long day there’s nothing like a sweet treat to make your taste buds jump. It’s like they have the senses of wild animals, because as soon as my spoon clanks my bowl, I’m hunted like a wildebeast on National Geographic. “Can I have some?” UM, small bowl = single serving…THEY TAKE EVERYTHING!

My hubby walks in the door. I have my sights on his lips. As I take a step in to land a big wet on, the kids run to him, jump in front of me, screaming, “Daddy, Daddy”. THEY TAKE EVERYTHING!

I’ve been working semi-hard with sit-ups on an inconsistent basis. I stand in the mirror, tightening my stomach, thinking to myself, “Hey I definitely see a difference. In walks my 6yo, “HA, HA, HA, Mommy you have a jiggly belly.” Confidence gone, unflexes..THEY TAKE EVERYTHING!

I bought a 2L root beer, my favorite. “OH Mommy you bought root beet, can we have some?” “Not right now, but you can a LITTLE for dinner.” 24.5 hours later, I go to the refrigerator, and what do I find? My root beer with the cap half off, and the bottle half empty. I’m left with a flat swig…THEY TAKE EVERYTHING!

I’m in the car, getting my Beyonce on, singing and grooving, air on high for the wind-blown hair effect. All of sudden from the back I hear my girls helping with the chorus. WTF, this is not Destiny’s Child! THEY TAKE EVERYTHING!

I grab my sneaks to go to the store, and go to my sock drawer to grab a pair of my low cut socks. None in there, so I head to the laundry baskets. But before I get there, what do I see? Both my daughters, wearing one sock of a different pair of MY socks. Do you know how long it will take me to have the matches washed at the same time. THEY TAKE EVERYTHING!

I owned my heart once. Then I got married and had these 3 children and now they have my heart and I won’t every have it back…



Til Next Time,