As I sat on Tampa’s riverwalk, on my first full day of vacation, it was incredibly…. peaceful.  I sat overlooking the water,  enjoying four deliciously sinful scoops of gelato, swaying slightly to the sounds of Caribbean music playing in the background courtesy of a perfectly placed open air bar. Whenever I listen to Caribbean music it takes me back to my early childhood growing up in Florida. But no matter who you are or where you’re from island sounds awaken something special in everyone, especially when you have one of those drinks with an umbrella.

Here are five great Caribbean songs to get you started:

  1. Could you be loved –  Bob Marley – FOR THE REBELS
  2. Feeling hot, hot, hot –  The Merrymen – FOR THE PARTY PEOPLE
  3. Stir it up – Bob Marley –  FOR THE SEXY PEOPLE
  4. Red, Red Wine – Bob Marley –  FOR THE DRINK MY SORROWS AWAY PEOPLE
  5. Doggie (the original not the annoying remake) – Anslem Douglas – FOR THE FUN LOVING PEOPLE