Am I the only one who feels stupid taking a selfie? I don’t know, maybe its because I see my 11 yr old taking selfies. But I had to consider the fact that maybe I felt uncomfortable because I didn’t know how to properly take a selfie. So I decided to consult the experts……………..WIKI.

Here is what I learned:

Step 1: Capture a good angle


Step 2: Focus on a feature 


Step 3: Have an interesting expression

A bug flew in my eye, maybe it was trying to tell me something…


Step 4: Know when poses are considered passe’

Okay, it only took half the memory of my phone, but I think I finally took one that looks okay.

But I have realized that despite my new-found knowledge on the subject, I still feel silly taking a selfie. Hence why these pictures were taken in the privacy of my backyard, guarded by trees, many many trees.

In conclusion, I will leave the picture taking to someone else, who is at a reasonable distance from me and preferably when others are in the picture with me.


 Til next Time