Okay so I am back at it after a 5 day break!! It’s been one of those crazy weeks. The kids started school after a well rested summer break. The week was filled with last minute Target runs for school supplies, open houses and teacher meetings.  Now that all of that is done and they’re going into their second week as a kindergartner, 3rd grader and a 5th grader, I am able to relax…a little.

Despite all that, I discovered my son could have a future in football or at the very least dodgeball….

It’s a rite of passage for every kid to lose their two front teeth, and generally speaking, losing teeth is not a traumatic experience…GENERALLY SPEAKING.

My 6yr old son’s front tooth was loose. Well loose is an understatement, the tooth was half-way out!! But every time anyone tried to look at it, let alone touch it, he would scream. I let it go for a couple of days, but Friday I’d had it.  We were going to get that tooth out…and we did, it only took about 10 hours.

Hour 1

The first hour we had a heart-to-heart. I looked him straight in the eyes. I gave him the, I love you, but I am getting that tooth today, look.  He stared back at me with the, I love you too, but there’s no way you are getting near my mouth, look.  I knew it was going to be a long day.

I said, “I know you can do this, you are a brave 6yr old. You are tough”. He said, “But it will hurt”.

Hour 2

Okay so we are into the 2nd hour. The heart-to-heart seemed to work. He let me touch and wiggle it, only after me promising I was not going to try to pull it.  I made progress, I was on my way..at least I thought.  I apparently wiggled too hard and he was done. He closed his lips hard, and there was nothing I was going to do to get him to open them…

Hour 3

Okay, I was in it for the long haul, but so was he!!  I was ready for battle. Did he think I was going to give up? I sent him to his room, without TV, thinking, since TV is only allowed on non-school nights, his desire to want to watch it would convince him to let me pull his tooth…NOPE.  He said, “Okay.” Dang it!! So taking the TV away didn’t work, I had to dig deeper. This kid was determined…

I had to bring out my inner Rocky, go eye of the tiger on him. I had to dirty my face, and think Braveheart. But first I had to eat…

Hours 4-6

The family and I went to eat sushi..

Hour 7

I regained my momentum. I called him, and by now he knew what it was about. We had the ultimate stare down. I took one step in his direction and he darted. The boy was fast. His reflexes, razor sharp. Imagine this: me on one side of the couch and him on the other side. I went left, he went left until we were circling the couch. But I couldn’t catch him..

On the bright side he might have a future in football.

At this point, I was dying laughing. I couldn’t believe it. I am chasing my 6yr old around the house, unsucccessfully mind you, over a tooth. Parenthood, doesn’t get any funnier than this. But back to business…

Hour 8

I needed another break…we both did..

Hour 9-the final hour

Okay, so this was coming to end, although at the time I didn’t know it. It was a little after 9pm and I had to bring in reinforcements.  I called the husband and his sisters.  We had him cornered. The girls tried to talk him down with, “Be brave, it will only hurt for a second”.  I grabbed him and Larry pulled his tooth.  It was done!! FINALLY!! He looked at us and said, “That wasn’t so bad”.


He ran upstairs, like all this never happened..

But not before I had the chance to snap this..



Til next time..