I make a promise to myself in 2015 to……UHNO THANK YOU!!

My New Year’s resolution is to not make any New Year’s resolutions. I’m not one of those people who respond well to challenges, especially those given to me by myself. When it comes to my life, I’ve learned that nothing is a definite. Plans change, month to month, day-to-day, shit, hour to hour. I come to expect the unexpected and spontaneity my life brings, besides,  I don’t really have a choice. The alternative is being driven completely insane by nothing going as planned. So instead of making promises, I’ll make some goals.

Goal #1:

Fight off aging

I call bullshit on the 30’s is the new 20’s trend. There are many differences I’ve noticed in my 30’s.

  • Gray hairs
  • Rogue facial hairs 
  • Bone cracking
  • Deeper gum pockets (I get more stuck in my teeth in my 30s)
  • Horribly timed muscle spasms

I could keep going, or you could just read more about my take on aging here and here.

Goal #2:

To have a smokin’ hot bikini body

I hope for this every year, but it never works out for me. It may be because Ben & Jerry and I have an awesome three-some a couple of times a week.  But hey, maybe 2015 is my year.

Goal #3:

Save more money

This is a big one. I often find myself saying, “Where did the money go?” Then I see three kids running around and it all comes back to me. We better have some rocket scientists, or some wealthy sharks. But it’s all worth it, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, anything for the kids, BLAH. So for money saving in 2015, I have an empty glass jar that I will start putting loose change in. In a few months, I might have a whole $20 in there.

Goal #4

To make more people laugh

I would love to reach more people through my blog. There are so many great blogs out there. I just want to get mine out there and make people laugh.

I may not make resolutions, but a girl has goals. Keep checking in on my progress and I will give you something to laugh about.

Happy New Year from my family to yours!! 


Til Next Time,