Well Hello There...

Yes, I’m a blogger (new if that’s not obvious), and if you have somehow found your way here then you have already proven your prowess as an internet master, so welcome. I know what you are thinking….just another mommy blog….AND….as if there’s not enough of those.  Well, I am a mom and I am writing my thoughts for the world to see on what is commonly referred to as a blog, but for argument sake, let’s not put them together here.  I’m not under the strange delusion that you care about every aspect of my life. So in my attempt to keep balance, I will share some stand-out (to me, maybe not you) moments that I always want to remember, coupled with some funny stuff that will hopefully keep your inner reality TV, nosy next door neighbor, inquisitive but fun loving inner self sticking around and coming back.


I love run-on sentences and lists. Look….I’m a mom, constantly on the go, and I sometimes need to get straight to the point.

And…if that wasn’t enough, go to the About section.