Okay so this is a quick post. Because sometimes I have to give you the quick and dirty on parenting quick and dirty.

As parents we know our days seem like the same series of events repeated every day, with an occasional, unexpected and most likely unwanted surprise. But if I had to sum up a typical day, it was probably spent doing these things.

  1. Trying to remember where I put my keys.
  2. Making a to-do list of things I will never get done.
  3. Wishing for a nap.
  4. Asking the same questions over and over again.
  5. Trying to keep my eyes open after I get the kids to bed.
  6. Breaking up  and mediating kid sized arguments.
  7. Picking up clothes, toys and shoes off the floor.
  8. Cutting somebody’s chicken.
  9. Thinking about what I’m going to cook for dinner.
  10. Standing in front of an appliance.
  11. Seat-belted in the car.
  12. Grinning stupidly with my thumbs up.

And most of the day I’m…

    13. Walking around trying to remember why I even got up in the first place.