1. I HATE it makes me stick a foreign object in a place it doesn’t belong.
  2. I HATE it makes me singly responsible for overfilling landfills.
  3. I HATE it started when I was a teenager and will visit one week a month for the next 20 years.
  4. HATE that it’s the only thing in my life that stays on schedule.
  5. I HATE that it shows up uninvited.
  6. I HATE it makes me unwrap something that’s not a present.
  7. I HATE that I have to announce its presence to everyone in the bathroom. Crunch..oh a tampon. Crunch Crunch..oh a pad.
  8. I HATE that it makes me moodier than usual.
  9. I HATE that it makes my stomach bulge when I haven’t even eaten anything.
  10. I LOVE when it arrives!!