After much anticipation Larry, my handsome husband, and I were finally headed on vacation. This trip has been planned for months and the time had finally come! We said our goodbyes to the kids and we were on our way…Tampa bound. We had three bags, instead of the normal ten it usually takes us to pack our family of five and apparently our entire closet contents.  We moved seamlessly through the airport reminding ourselves every step of the way how different it would have been if the kids were here.

Here are the top 5 most notable differences:

  1. The sound of 3 extra rolling carry-ons  following behind us
  2. Taking off 3 extra pairs of shoes before going through security
  3. Putting back on 3 extra pair of shoes after going through security
  4. Constant grumbles of hunger, even though they just ate
  5. Literally sprinting to make the flight because as a family we are ALWAYS late

But instead we made it with time to spare and without the chattering of children in our ears.  We boarded the flight and sat right in front of a mother of three children (all under 5yrs old) so instead we listened to the chatter of someone else’s kids.

Larry and I walked into our hotel room overlooking a beautiful view of the city!!  For a split second my mothering mind went into auto pilot.  There was only one bed…they made a mistake.  But they didn’t. It was just the two of us.  We paused, inhaled deeply, took in the quiet and enjoyed a break  from the chaos called our life that plays itself out from day-to-day.


Then the phone rang….It was the kids…