After the 10hr marathon of pulling out my son’s tooth, we woke the next morning, after a visit from the tooth fairy. SIDE NOTE: The tooth fairy sucks at our house, she always forgets the first night, but she doubles up the next night.

He announced the visit from “TF”, that’s what he calls her since he believes we are close personal friends, and that she left him a dollar.  We grabbed breakfast and rushed out the house to get to his T-ball game.  SIDE NOTE: We are ALWAYS late.

On the way there, I congratulated him on being brave and letting us pull his tooth.  SIDE NOTE: Only parents still have the nerve to give congratulatory high fives and words to a child they had to chase around the house the night before.

Nevertheless, I told him to do his best and try hard. I have to say, I see a change in him already, weird right?  This life changing event, though small, just happened the night before, but he is standing taller and smiling brighter.

It’s Gotta be the Tooth

We get on the field and he shines!! He’s catches fly balls, he’s running fast (we have established that’s his thing) and he’s hitting ALL pitches. SIDE NOTE: This is noteworthy, because he usually doesn’t catch or hit with consistency. Again…

It’s Gotta be the Tooth

I picked this picture because if you notice his teammates on the bench, they were obviously not as excited as we were.

We are throwing thumbs up all over the place. SIDE NOTE: When I say we, I mean my daughters and I, my husband wouldn’t be caught dead putting his thumbs up, he’s a high five, pop you on the butt, “that’s what I’m talking about” kinda guy!


Til Next Time…