Weekends for most are a time for rest, relaxation and recuperation from a long week. But for me I feel more like….

because weekends are just as busy, if not busier than my weekdays. This is my weekend…..


After work on Friday, my daughter had a basketball game at 6:00pm and it was a nail-biter. The score went back and forth and went into overtime. Her team won by only one point! Final score 10-9….What?! Expecting more?

Needless to say after a long day of work followed by an intense bball game, our dinner was a quick stop at the mall at the food court. My husband took this pic just because.

Then home finally to crash.


Saturday morning started with my son’s bball game.  On our way to the game I remembered I was team snack mom and had to make a quick detour.  Sorry for the Double Stuffed Oreos and Capri Sun’s, healthy mom’s.  And because he played so well, he was rewarded with ice cream, but I can’t complain too much about that. I secretly love it when my kids do something worth rewarding because ice cream is their (and ultimately my) reward of choice.

My daughter is going on a ski trip for school in a couple of weeks, and in one of my few moments in life of not procrastinating, I went out to get everything she’d need. I only went to 5 stores. Partly because it’s the ski season and things were hard to find, but mainly because I am obsessed with buying everything for the best price, while ignoring how much I spend in gas driving from store to store.

There was a big sale in Ann Taylor which gave me an excuse to go to the mall to shop, instead of eating. I bought these lovely pair of shoes. 

I love a good sale. I walked away with these for beauties for $39, regularly price $148.  Great sale! Like?


My oldest daughter had an early morning soccer practice that had me up, dressed and out the door by 8am. After only 4 hours of practice, I stopped to the grocery store before returning home to wash clothes, while I cooked dinner. I managed to squeeze in washing my hair. I hope to finish washing at least half the clothes and eventually blow-drying my hair. 

Til Next Time,