My age is more than just a number. In fact, my age can also be described by my actions.

If you’re on twitter then you may be familiar with this. If you aren’t…..RUN!

So how old am I really……


1. I’m “I just dozed off and fell out of my chair” years old.

2. I’m “I have a natural smoky eye look” years old.

3. I’m “no longer able to wear short shorts” years old.

4. I’m “I look good for ‘my age’ “ years old.

5. I’m “I just plucked an abnormally long chin hair” years old.

6. I’m “my bones crack when I get up” years old.

7. I’m “plucking gray hairs from my head and hoping 2 don’t return in its place” years old.

8. I’m “I have to take a nap before going out” years old.

9. I’m “I feel weird shopping in forever 21” years old.

10. I’m “constantly shaking my head what young people are doing” years old.

11. I’m “witnessing the rebirth of horrible fads” years old. (High-waisted acid wash jeans)

12. I’m “not old enough to be proud of my age and not young enough to want to broadcast it” years old.

13. I’m “I feel dirty watching someone twerk” years old.

14. I’m “I no longer fast forward past the wrinkle cream commercials” years old.


So basically…..

15. I’m “it’s none of your damn business” years old.


Til next time,