July has come and gone and so has another year of my 30’s.  Every year my family celebrates the 4th of July with fireworks and 12 days later I am ready to set something on fire because I’m one year older.

 Each year I celebrate the same way, by eating an entire cake. Cold Stone makes this red velvet cake layered with birthday cake ice cream and it’s a must have!! 

As I was stuffing my face with an oversized slice one night after strategically putting the kids to bed first, I started thinking about my younger days…


10 years of my youth was spent in Miami, Florida in a little pink house.  It wasn’t a long time, but enough time to make some great memories.

Here I am pictured, showing great style with striped denim (which were apparently my favorite), a matching Care Bear belt and Mickey Mouse inspired hair.

I remember those hot Florida days going out to play and coming back just before dark. Racing barefoot in the street, waiting, listening for the ice cream truck as it moved from street to street. Then, just like now, my junk food choices were simple and consistent.  A Firecracker, (red, white, and blue pop), as I called it then, and a pickle so sour it made your face pucker with every bite.

Fast-forward 20+ years later, and I’m happily married with three great kids!! You never really know how life will work itself out. Part of it’s well thought out, some is unknown, which is the scary part, and the rest, well, is the simple pleasures that make it all worth while. I hate the thought of getting older, but love watching my kids grow and mature from year to year. Now let’s hope my kids are great planners…FINGERS CROSSED!!