The official end to summer for most parents is when their kids return to school, walking through those familiar doors and hallways, having grown inches taller, with great summer stories to tell.

Summer is used as a time to travel, stay up late, overuse the TV, and unwind poolside. Most kids now have busier schedules than years past with lessons and practices including my kids, so I am a huge proponent of letting summer be a true vacation from the strict schedule we follow the other 8 1/2 months of the year.  And this summer wasn’t any different.

We cruised…


We snorkeled..

Snorkeling in the Bahamas


We toured…

View from Fort Charlotte in Bahamas


It was as good a summer as any, and I believe they created memories they can look back on and remember as good ones.

For me, the moment I will remember is when my six year old jumped off the diving board by himself for the first time.

He had to convince me he was ready. I mean, he was only in his second week of swim lessons, still holding tight to the pool’s edge. “Mommy I can do it” he kept repeating each time taking one step toward the diving board. “Mommy I can do it.”

I finally put my fears aside. He was so confident that he could do it, why shouldn’t I share his same confidence. Besides, I did have lifeguards and friends present, ready to jump in, on account of the fact that I can’t swim.

When I finally agreed he jumped with excitement as we walked to the diving board and got in line as the shortest and youngest.  He was jumping with anticipation, not so patiently waiting his turn, giving me a thumbs up.

He walked up the stairs and across the diving board, stopping at the edge, looking down at what would be, to him, his biggest achievement to date. He gave me a smile and this happened…


After what seemed like forever to a nervous parent, he swam to the surface with the biggest smile, wading and swimming to the edge, saying “I told you I could do it Mommy”. Needless to say, he discontinued his swim lessons.

I immediately flashed back to when I was pregnant with him. After having had two girls, I still remember the moment I found out I was having a son. I remember how nervous I was waiting to hear if I would be adding another girl to our family or possibly switching things up a bit and throwing a boy in the mix.

We watched the screen impatiently waiting to hear and see what our new addition would be.  There it was, I have never been so excited to see a penis in my entire life. Our family was complete. Truth is, it would have been complete regardless, because three kids was the magic number.

So I bid farewell to another great summer and look forward to many more just like it for many years to come…