As parents we know we can run the gamut of emotions in any given 24 hrs.

Here is a day in the life for me……….

Alarms sound at 6am


I’m so TIRED, I hit the snooze twice. Aaaaaaaaahhhhh, yawn/muted scream and full body rolls out the bed until my feet find the floor.

GRUMPY, because I should have gone to bed earlier, but my slight case of COMPULSIVENESS wouldn’t allow me to sit down until I washed the dishes, ironed clothes for school and put that load of clothes in the washing machine.

My son runs to the bathroom and greets me with a toothless smile and a “Good morning mommy” and now I’m HAPPY and feeling OPTIMISTIC.  Today will be a good day……

Walks into kitchen


I’m MAD, because I told my husband to take out the trash, and I’m so ANNOYED that everyone keeps piling it on, when it is obviously too full.

Off to work and school

Gives everyone a LOVING kiss goodbye, pats husband on butt and PLAYFULLY raises eyebrows to let him know that tonight it’s on.

Wait…I’m WORRIED that in my rush to get everyone out the house I forgot something. Did I forget something…………..

Hey Buddy, IRKED, the left lane is the fast lane and the right lane is the slow lane.

Drives past old lady, gives her a FORGIVING smile.


I forgot deodorant…PEEVED.

CONFIDENTLY, my goal for today is….. Who am I kidding, I haven’t completed anything since………. DEJECTED……………….still thinking…………………………..

Yawn, I’m kinda SLEEPY, and HUNGRY. I could use something to eat since I didn’t eat breakfast. I’ll just run to Chick-fil-A and grab a chocolate milkshake (with whipped cream and cherry) to tie me over.

Stomach fills fat, Ugh…should have had real food…GUILT sets in.

After what seemed like a long day at work, I’m EXCITED to get home and hear about everyone’s day. I am always so PROUD of my kid’s effort. They FRUSTRATE me sometimes, but I am so GRATEFUL to have them in my life and feel HONORED to call them my family. I just LOVE…..

Trips on a backpack. 


AGITATED, Who left their backpack by the door?

Husband gives me the, are we still gonna get it on tonight, look. Being SILLY, I pat my butt, Uh Yeah….

I cook a quick dinner, and ENTHUSIATICALLY put the kids to bed.

Hops in the shower


MAD and obviously FORGETFUL, because I totally forgot to put those clothes in the dryer.

EXHAUSTED and DRAINED…I lay on the bed, wait for husband and……….

Alarms sounds at 6am


Til next time….