Larry and I often have this discussion on raising our son vs. raising our daughters.  We may not agree on everything, but the one thing we can agree on is, girls are harder.  Raising girls are tough, and that’s just saying it lightly. I see the major differences between them and my son more and more, especially as they get older.

With my girls, I feel I have to focus on their body image, and the inevitable gender biases. Body image, well, this definitely effects their self esteem.  I worry about this more now with my girls then with my son. Although I realize that will change as he gets older. The girls care more about the clothes they wear, how their clothes make them feel and fashion trends, while my son doesn’t care what he wears, at least not now anyway. I also try not to make negative comments on my body, as I know the feelings I convey about my own body may cause them to think negatively about theirs. 

Self-esteem, or more specifically maintaining positive self-esteem, that’s important for all of them. I want them to have the confidence they need to push through moments of doubt and discomfort, find their inner strength, and know they can achieve any goal, large or small. I am constantly letting them know how beautiful and handsome, smart and special they are.  I want them to embrace the differences they have with their peers and see them as strengths not weaknesses.

Because I’m a list maker, I compiled a list of differences I’ve noticed.


Boys vs. Girls

Top 5 Differences between boys and girls

1. Girls are emotion-driven. Boys (my boy in particular) are driven completely crazy by girls, then go girl crazy.

2. Boys have a bigger imagination. My son can play in his room by himself, karate-chopping make believe foes, wrestling, and he often has uncontrollable bouts of belly aching laughter.

3. Shopping trips are longer with girls.  They have to try everything on, twice and twirl in the mirror. My son, when he see a ninja turtle shirt, he’s done.

4. Girls are nurturing, but surprisingly so are boys. My son makes sure to take care of us girls. Although, it’s much easier if his sisters aren’t torturing him.

5. Girls have better social skills. They thrive with friends around them.  They can meet someone and will walk away knowing their name and where they’re from, while my son can find someone to play with, but doesn’t care to ask their name.


Have any to add? Comment below.