I have realized a lot of parenting is constantly repeating the same thing over and over again. Sometimes getting a different result every time. That’s what makes it really interesting and frustrating.

Here are 50 questions I ask my children EVERY SINGLE DAY

  1. Did you wash your hands?
  2. Did you flush the toilet?
  3. Who spilled something on the floor?
  4. Can you slow down?
  5. Are you ready to go?
  6. Did you hit your sister?
  7. Who left their clothes on the floor?
  8. Did you clean your room?
  9. Did you turn off the light?
  10. Did you brush your teeth?
  11. Who left the refrigerator door open?
  12. Who ate the last granola bar and left the empty box in the cabinet?
  13. Can this wait until I get out of the bathroom?
  14. Did you finish your homework?
  15. Are you almost done with your story?
  16. Did you put waffles in the toaster?
  17. Why don’t you have any clothes on?
  18. Learn anything today?
  19. Why can’t you keep up with your things?
  20. Did you pee on the seat?
  21. Did you fall down the stairs?
  22. Who’s underwear are these?
  23. Why are your hands in your pants? 
  24. Who’s shoes am I tripping on?
  25. Can I just have a moment?
  26. Did you put on lotion?
  27. Did you find your other shoe?
  28. What do you want for dinner?
  29. Why didn’t you check to see if there was tissue in the bathroom before you sat down?
  30. Did you find what you were looking for?
  31. Did you let the water out of the tub?
  32. Why are you crying?
  33. Are you okay?
  34. How did you sleep?
  35. Did you put your clothes in the dirty clothes basket?
  36. How was your day?
  37. Why’s the floor wet?
  38. Why don’t you have on any pants?  
  39. Whose decision was it to have so many kids?
  40. Did you hurt something?
  41. What was the best part of your day?
  42. Who’s to blame for this?
  43. Why are you touching your penis?
  44. Can I take a shower alone?
  45. Did anyone mess with you today?
  46. Does it look like dinner is ready?
  47. Did you wipe your butt good?
  48. Why are you messing with your brother?
  49. Who farted?


 Til next time,