Does anyone in their 30’s actually feel this way?

Personally, I can’t believe at one point this was a thing.  When I was 29, many moons ago, I dreaded the thought of turning 30.  I didn’t feel like I was hitting any milestones. No party was thrown on behalf of the big 3-0. So needless to say, I definitely didn’t feel empowered with this 30’s is the new 20’s B.S.

To put things in perspective, by the age of 30 I was a parent of 3 under the age of 7, having started my family at 24 years old.  Dang, when I put it in writing, I can laugh out loud at the hubs and I, because apparently we were getting it in.  At that time, all he had to do was look at me and BAM. Let’s just say after the third time I avoided all eye contact.

Because I’m a responsible 30-something, having kept 3 kids alive. I felt like I should make a table, a comparative list if you will, of the differences in my early (yes early, you did read me having my first child at 24) 20’s vs. me now in my 30’s.

Maybe 50’s will be my new 20’s, when all the kids are out of the house and starting their lives….unless the come back. #privateschooltheybetternotcomeback

Til Next Time,