The months leading up to summer vacation can be rough, especially with constant questions from your kids. “Is today the day?”, “Why do we have to wait?”, “What EXACTLY are we going to be doing?”, “Where will we stay?”, “Is there a TV?”, “Will there be WIFI?” I could keep going but considering you may be bothered by the ongoing list, just as I was bothered with being asked them, I will stop there.

On the heels of our family vacation I’ve created a list outlining exactly what a vacation looks like when you have kids.  On this particular vacation we traveled by plane, but I find the same applies however you travel…

 1. Over pack their suitcases with all these outfits they never get to wear to school (but in the back of your head you know they will spend their days in Nike shorts and flip-flops) but spend the time to pack them anyway, because…what if.

2. Pack backpacks with entertainment survival kit: ipods, Nintendo DSs and Kindle.

3. Feed them and force them to get every drop of pee out of their bladder.

4. Get to the airport and maneuver through it like a game of pac-man, weaving in and out a maze while trying to avoid the food, because of course they’re hungry.

5. Finally sit down and somebody has to go poop, because you feed them before coming.

6. Go back through the maze.

7.  Finally get on the plane and between them telling you how bored they are, they ask “Are we there yet?”.

8. Arrive and they can’t wait to get their vacation started.

9. Arrive at our first location and 30 mins in (an eternity in kid years), they ask when we are leaving.

10. Eat again…  

Parents out there, how close am I?


Til Next Time