It happens to every couple at some point…..right? You’ve been married for a couple of years and you feel like the honeymoon stage is over. Here are 10 signs…

  1. He violently swings his arms to avoid holding your hand in public.
  2. When you get out of the shower, in your naked glory, he starts a random conversation about absolutely nothing important.
  3. You reinvent date night, making it more productive by going to the grocery store together on Friday nights.
  4. He tells you his true feelings about your cooking, your family, and anything else he used to kindly avoid.
  5. On those special days,when he doesn’t fall asleep on the couch, you get in the bed together………..and sleep.
  6. All you hear is “Uh Huh” when you are talking.
  7. You don’t spoon after sex anymore. You get the forehead kiss on his way to the couch.
  8. He calls you at work to help him find something at home.
  9. Your most productive conversations happen when one of you is using the bathroom.
  10. He will no longer watch Steel Magnolias with you after the billionth time, and looks at you weird when your weeping with Sally Field.


Til Next Time…