1. You go from being referred to as “Hey Beautiful” then to “——‘s mom” and then people feel the need to address you respectfully, “Excuse me Ma’am”.
  2. You can no longer just hop out of bed, its more like a full body roll until your feet find the floor.
  3. You now HAVE to eat your daily serving of fruits and vegetables, just to keep things flowing.
  4. You try to trade your clothes in at a “younger” consignment shop and they look at you like you’ve entered the store accidentally. “Hi Ma’am are you lost”.
  5. Tweezers are your go-to beauty tool, as you now have rogue hairs growing in odd places on your face.
  6. You have apparently evolved….from a Puma, to a Bobcat and are now considered a Cougar.
  7. Taking a ‘selfie’ just seems weird. Why would I hold this camera in front of me, and try to get the side of me that doesn’t show the hair I neglected to pluck, when there’s a fully capable person standing beside me to take my picture AND get my best angle.
  8. You go from saying, “I would never consider plastic surgery” to “I understand why some choose it”.
  9. You have to ask yourself when you get dressed whether or not your outfit makes you look like your “trying to be young”, and then decide to trade your short shorts in for a more age appropriate pair.
  10. When talking to a “younger” person it’s like deciphering code. LOL, while I’m SMH and LMAO at your TL. I mean WTF…Alright TTYL. PS YOLO………….WHAT?!?


Til Next Time…