A good movie is the only thing that quiets this family of five.  After a long week, we love to spend Friday nights piled on the couches under comfy blankets and watch a movie. With ages 10, 8, 6, finding a movie that can keep ALL of them interested is sometimes a struggle.  Here is a list of our family favorites, that kept us watching til the very end…ENJOY!!

1. The Incredibles (What’s better than a super-hero, crime fighting family)

2. Finding Nemo

3. E.T the Extra-Terrestrial 

4. Frozen

5. Ice Age (all of these get my crew laughing)

6. Wizard of Oz (those monkeys aren’t so scary to my crew)

7. Babe Pig in the City (What’s better than a movie with talking animals)

8.  The Sandlot

9.  The Goonies (one of my all time favorites, it was a must I share with my family)

10.  Space Jam

11. Annie (honorable mention, my son is not a fan of the movie, but girls and I love to sing and dance along)

If your family has a movie they enjoy, please share!!  We are always looking for a good movie to watch.


Til next time…